The P Word serves a PURPOSE. Find out more by reading between the lines.

The P Word



Until PEOPLE become aware of systemic obstacles, it might not be obvious; however, those who are impacted are often stuck in 'Catch 22' PARALYSIS.  

The truth, for women, is that we may not even be aware of issues that impact us, much like a fish doesn't acknowledge it is in water, it just swims.

We do know discussing constraints may be unwelcome and automatically viewed as complaining or whining, and may potentially flag HR.  


1  |  Become aware of issues that lessen respect or opportunity for women and girls.   
        You will likely find a place you can get a quick win.

2  |  Speak up PRIVATELY and PROACTIVELY with one PRIMARY goal:  Be FOR the
        company or organization.  Simply show up as a leader and a problem solver who         thinks of others, first.  "I put these suggestions together to make the company         stronger and more attractive to high-end candidates."

3  |  Lead, request and follow through on changes in policy or, at least, awareness.

4  |  Don't have a chip on your shoulder.  Gain consensus through influence and
        shared goals.  Do it this way or not at all.  You will look back and realize you have         garnered respect and enhanced professional relationships.